Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Hiby R3 Pro: The ONE Main reason to buy it!

By Clay Valarezo

Hiby R3 Pro
Hiby R3 Pro



So, I was lucky enough to get the Hiby R3 Pro when Hiby was doing trial runs on Amazon back in December of last year (2019). I already owned the R3, which was an amazing player.


It had a Bluetooth function, which I never used. It had an amazing EQ platform, Mage, which I never used. It had a great user experience, set with a touch screen, and was perfectly sized to handle the operations effectively.


The Main Benefit


So then why buy the R3 Pro? It has plenty of noticeable upgrades, like Dual Cirrus Logic DAC Chips. It has balanced output in 2.5mm. Finally, it has streaming capabilities with its built in WIFI. These seem like worthy upgrades for keeping the price the same (at $200), but the most useful upgrade, for me, was the battery.


Its battery life is almost doubled it predecessor (nearly 20 hours in single ended mode). As you all know by now, I am a functionality/battery zealot. This are the most critical priorities for me when I buy and enjoy a new DAP.




Is the R3 Pro a worthy update? Yes. But not for the super cool “techie” reasons that seem to draw in the hardcore DAP-a-holics. Battery life just doesn’t sound as sexy as “dual DAC chips,” or “balanced output.”


Lastly, do you NEED this DAP. You already know. YOU ALREADY KNOWWW! No, you don’t. But you can’t be a true DAP-a-holic if you don’t have many DAPs in your arsenal of DAPs. Oh, but I have a top of the line Flagship DAP, I don’t need a budget player.


That may be true, but you WANT that budget DAP, because it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside. Don’t be a tool, buy that budget DAP! Until you do, stay listening!

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