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FiiO M3K Vs. FiiO M3 Pro: 3 Compelling Reasons Why the M3 Pro is Better

By Clay Valarezo

Chief DAP-a-holic Officer (CDO)


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Initial Comments


Hello again, everyone. I am going to try to keep this brief and objective. I will highlight the reasons I feel that the FiiO M3 Pro (currently $80 on Amazon) is a more compelling purchase than its little brother the FiiO M3K (current $60 for Silver Version on Amazon). You may or may not find my reasons to be valuable in your circumstances, and this fine by me.


Before I get into these differences, I will discuss the main similarity between both devices.


Similarity: Audio Recorder


Both the M3K and its older brother, the M3 Pro, have the capability to recorder audio via built microphone. Regardless of my opinion, this is a great feature to have if you are interviewing clients or recording classrooms lectures in school.


This feature is dependent on the battery life of the player and the room for storage in your Micro SD card. Which brings me to the only advantage that the M3K has…


Advantage to M3K: Battery Life


Since the M3K doesn’t operate with a touch screen, it has the luxury of longer battery life. The longer battery life is evident in the uses that I have had with this device. This is actually the ONLY selling point of the M3K has over the M3 Pro. Now for the flood of differences.


FiiO M3K
FiiO M3K


Difference 1: Touch Screen/ UX on the M3 Pro


The M3 Pro is superior in terms of its user-experience. It has a smooth, almost completely lag free, operation. Its touch screen operation is usable, unlike the FiiO M5. Also, the screen quality, while displaying album art, is surprisingly lovely.


In theory, you can read E-books on the M3 Pro, and view pictures in “Gallery” mode (although, I have not yet tested these functions). These are features that are non-existent in the M3K.


Heck, the M3 Pro even has a calculator that you can use SIMULTANEOUSLY while listening to music. What’s not to love about that?


Difference 2: USB C Connectivity on the M3 Pro


Another difference is the M3 Pro utilizes a USB C connection. This is a great feature that many might consider trivial. I feel that all high-resolution devices are gravitating towards USB C, and since I buy DAPs on the regular, it helps that I don’t need different types of cables to charge my device.


Difference 3: Less Glitches on the M3 Pro


Every now and again the M3K will glitch when you turn it on. Sometimes, the device won’t be able to read the music on the card, prompting me to turn off and on the device. In many cases, I would need to jump the M3K multiple times to solve this glitch.


I have had the M3 Pro for about a week now, and I have yet to experience to a glitch in the software. This makes my user experience more enjoyable. Duh!

FiiO M3 Pro
FiiO M3 Pro




To each his own! Or her! If you are a DAP-a-holic and feel the need buy both devices, then who am I stop you. Hell, I have both devices! In fact, I had lost my M3K (it is hard to keep track of all 40 plus budget DAPs I have in my collection) and I was considering buying another one to replace it. But then I was reunited with this little guy and all was well in the world. I still use the M3K, but in a different context: when I am exercising.


I hope my addiction… I mean, perspective, gave you some clarity on the positives and negatives of these two devices. They are both magical unicorns that should be properly ridden and attended to. Yet, if you do feel the need to be pragmatic, I recommend the M3 Pro, without hesitation.


Guys… and lady… lets continue to make this hobby uniquely ours! I will try to post more on my favorite budget-level DAPs to give y’all insight on which ones to purchase from a layman’s perspective. I hope this review was helpful, if not entertaining. Until then, stay listening!

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  1. I'm hunting for DAP... And this m3 pro is the candidate among the others ..

    I've been tryin' to find out various informations regarding the features....
    1. I have some collection of Soundtrack CDs, which usually contain Various Artists...
    The thing is, every time I watch the video review, etc... i couldn't find any information about, whether the software able to sort by using Album Artist Tag...
    For this scenario, I always set the Album Artist Tag as Various Artists to make it easier to navigate in library view... But in the Now Playing Screen, it still shows the Artist Tag...
    I don't know if m3 Pro able to do this??

    2. I'm concern about the EQ feature... It seems that the available one are just a bunch of presets that not fully customizable. My earphones/headphones usually the balanced type, just like the Audio Technica... I don't know if that's a good match, b'cause lack of the custom EQ, slightly reduce the versatility...


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