Tuesday, June 9, 2020

3 Great Soundtrack Groups to Check Out on Your Favorite Budget DAP

By Clay Valarezo




You finally have your favorite DAP in hand. Great. You have your favorite pair of kick-ass headphones. Fantastic! So, what next, who do you listen to for a truly unforgettable experience?


Time to go on a journey for this blog post. Are you ready? Let’s start!


Two Steps from Hell


I didn’t start really becoming a DAP-a-holic until I started listening to trailer music. And the good news is that there aren’t too many artists out there for us to discover. Yet, there are maybe a handful of artists who have close to 10 albums or more. So where did I begin?


I began my trailer music listening experience on my old beat up FiiO X1 (second generation) and my first album was Two Steps From Hell’s SkyWorld. I knew that in order to have the best listening experience, I needed a device that could power my headphones effectively, and that the internal components needed to be engineered in a way where music listening could be optimized.


If you aren’t blown away by the first track of this album, then you either need a new DAP, a new set of headphones, or simply new ears. Ha, I only kid! But seriously. The Bass Drop (yes, I capitalized “bass drop”) in the middle of the song is enough to get you on your feet and “spartan-yell” that sh&t.


My second album from this group is album called Battlecry, another EPIC album. Then I discovered Archangel, and finally, the mother-f-er of all EPIC trailer albums, Unleashed. Check these albums out before you continue to with this post. And don’t come back until you do. Ha, just kidding. Let’s press onward my fellow DAP-a-holics!!!

Two Steps From Hell Pic




Why am I focusing on trailer music in this post? The reason is simple. Trailer music has so much going on; there is usually an entire multi-dozen piece orchestra recorded one each track; accompanied by bombastic classical percussive instruments that give the music punch galore.


If Two Steps from Hell is too epic for your ears to handle—I know because sometimes this is the case for me—then you should check out Audiomachine. The first album that I heard from this group is called Epica. What makes this album so special is the apocalyptic chorus of vocalists in almost every song, adding a new dimension to the listening experience.


This album is a handful of years old, and one of their first, so if you want something more modern, I recommend Volturnus, and Ascendance.


Audiomachine Pic

Really Slow Motion


By now your ears are pretty worn out from listening to such epic masterpieces, but wait, there’s more! We are almost finished with our DAP-a-holic worthy journey. The last artist that I wish to bring to your attention is Really Slow Motion, another trailer music group.


I was late to the “really-slow-motion” party. I only learned about them after the release of one of their most recent albums, Miraculum, which is stunning in every regard. If you like aggressively angelic orchestral music, you will love this album.


When I was studying in Chicago for my master’s degree, I would often walk in snowstorms blasting this album in my ears with my Beyerdynamic DT 770 Pro 32 Ohms. The headphones would block out the slight noise of the snowstorm and all I could hear was music, with chaos unleashed around me. (I don’t recommend walking in a snowstorm during one of Chicago’s famous polar vortexes. Don’t do that, don’t do that!)


If you want some mo’ dub in your DAP, I recommend the album called Charged. If you prefer a menacing sounding album, I recommend Fiery the Angels Rose.

Really Slow Motion Pic




Look. You can’t tell a DAP-a-holic to STOP buying DAPs. That’s like asking a fish to survive outside of an ocean. Not possible. But what I CAN tell you is to enjoy your DAP’s in various contexts. Doing homework, exercising, studying, even planning world domination are great ways to use your DAPs. And with the artists listed above, you can certainly do that.


Let’s continue to control our music listening experiences with our DAPs. People may look at us funny for not using a super sleek iPhone from Apple (I won’t even put a link here). People may ask us seemingly silly questions, like, “Who even uses such devices? They are just older less-flashy looking iPods!” F-Them! We KNOW that our music listening experiences are far superior. They are the silly ones.


If you are reading this and you don’t have a DAP. I recommend the FiiO M3 Pro, or the Hiby R3 Pro, if you have the funds. Until then, stay listening!

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